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Brian Crane, American cartoonist and creator of the “Pickles” comic strip.

Brian's Pickles is syndicated in over 900 newspapers worldwide.

“It’s a wonderful book. I know a lot of grandmas and grandpas are very particular about the name their precious grandchild calls them by. Personally I answer to anything. Sometimes it’s “Hey, Grumpa!” Seriously, it’s a beautifully done book – the illustrations are gorgeous… Yea!”

Dana Kilroy, author of “The Essential C-Section Guide,” and “Unbuttoned.”

Dana’s work has appeared in The New York Times, O/The Oprah Magazine, Parenting and more.

“Nanagram is a delightful book full of the most beautiful illustrations. Whether you’re a grandmother-to-be who wants to come up with an endearing nickname your grandchildren will call you for years to come, or a mom-to-be who wants to share her pregnancy news in a fun and unique way, grab a copy of Nanagram.”

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"This book is more than a simple listing of names. The rich list of Grandma names is accompanied by a very sweet story about the revelation that one is becoming a grandmother. In my opinion, it’s a great idea for a gift to a new grandmother, or even as a way to announce a pregnancy to your mother (the baby’s grandmother). But, it’s also a fun read for any grandparent."

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“Teary–eyed I watched as my mom realized I was announcing my pregnancy.”

– Chelsea

“I was looking for something to celebrate my best friend’s first grandchild and this was perfect! We read it together, laughed and cried, and found the perfect name. It was a heart-warming experience and opened so many “naming” options for such an important and incredible relationship. This was a perfect gift.”

– Jeanne